Gluten Free Rusk


Gluten Free Rusk (Pinhead) is a revolution in making gluten free sausages and burger products.

To produce gluten free sausages and burgers, simply use this gluten free rusk as a replacement for normal pinhead rusk.

As a guide, we recommend replacing the normal rusk with half the amount of Gluten Free Rusk, and to balance the recipe with water.

For Example
If your current recipe contains 50kg of rusk per batch, simply use 25kg of Gluten Free Rusk, and 25kg of extra water.

It comes in a 15kg.

In addition to being completely allergen free (including gluten), Gluten Free Rusk contains 90% less salt than normal rusk, so it will reduce the salt content of the finished product too.

Comparison Chart of Normal Pinhead rusk to Gluten Free Pinhead Rusk

Typical Per 100g Standard Pinhead Rusk Gluten Free Pinhead Rusk
Protein 8.8 24
Salt 2 0
Fibre 3 7
Carbohydrates 76.3 50
Fat 1.5 1.5

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