We can provide all manner of filtration, separation and silencing solutions, as well as oil mist eliminators – all from our friends at Solberg


  • Liquid Removal Vacuum Pump Filters
  • Standard Filter Elements
  • Vacuum Pump Discharge Filters: L-Style
  • Inlet Filter Silencers
  • Compact Inlet Vacuum Filters T-Style
  • Oil Mist Eliminators-Static /Vac Assist: Power Gen
  • Vacuum Filters for Medical Facilities
  • Inlet Vacuum Filters L-Style
  • Extreme Duty: Vacuum Pump Filters
  • Miniature Filter Silencers
  • Coalescing Elements
  • Specialty Media
  • Vacuum Filtration: Solar, Semi-Con, LED, Coating
  • Hydraulic Breathers
  • Heavy Duty Inlet Silencer Filters
  • Lateral Access Pressure/Vacuum Filters
  • Extreme Duty: Inlet SpinMeister Filters
  • Silencer Base Frames
  • High Efficiency Elements
  • ATEX Filters
  • High Temperature Elements
  • Pressure/Vacuum Filters
  • Absorptive Silencers
  • Lateral Access Filter Silencers
  • Oil Mist Filters for Vacuum Pumps
  • Clamp-Style Vacuum Filters
  • Separators: Natural Gas
  • Separator Elements
  • Compact Oil Mist Filters for Small Vacuum Pumps
  • Compact Exhaust Filter Silencers
  • Intake Filter Assemblies
  • SpinMeister Precleaners
  • Miniature Inlet Filters
  • Accessories
  • Exposed/Open Inlet Filters
  • Vacuum Pump Separator Tank

If you require any of these solutions or would like further information, then contact Stephen Bradley on 07749 500275

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