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Product Description

The Tepro PP5.5 vacuum packer is designed for packing food and non-food products. Made out of stainless steel, the machine stands out with modern design and attractive stylization. The machine is equipped with a durable, transparent lid, which allows you to see the vacuum process.

The PP5.5 is equipped with reliable a TEPRO AT21 pump, with the efficiency of 21 m3/h.

It also has a sealing bar with a double seal and an electronic controller with analog pressure measurement.

The machine is especially useful for the food preparation using SOUS VIDE technology, where vacuum-packed products are cooked under carefully controlled temperature. SOUS VIDE cooking technology preserves the food’s nutrition, and sensory attributes, and prevents weight loss of the product.

  • Tabletop model
  • Pump: 21m/h, 1.1kW, 240V single phase
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 530 x 545 x 465
  • Chamber size (mm): 465 x 425 x 180
  • Front sealing bar: 440mm wide with double seal
  • Weight: 70Kg