Tepro PP4.6 Vacuum Packer Version B 240v


Product Description

Tepro PP4.6 Vacuum Packer Version A 240v


The Tepro PP4.6 vacuum packer is designed for packing various food and non-food products (including banknotes and bullion – in a special bank version). The construction of the machine is made of stainless steel, the chamber is pressed from a single sheet into the required profile. The removable sealing bar provides an easy way to keep the machine clean. Solid, transparent cover made of durable polymer gives the ability to see the packing process.


The machine is equipped with reliable TEPRO AT10B pump, with the efficiency of approx. 12 m2/h.

PP4.6 is available in two different versions:

– Version A ­­– with two parallel sealing bars 255 mm each

– Version B – with one sealing bar 465 mm

The machine is especially useful for the food preparation using SOUS VIDE technology, where vacuum-packed products are cooked under carefully controlled temperature. SOUS VIDE cooking technology preserves the food’s nutrition, and sensory attributes, and prevents weight loss of the product.



Pump: 12m3, 0.55kW, 240v single phase

Overall dimensions (mm): 560 x 405 x 370

Chamber size (mm): 490 x 285 x 128

Front sealing bar: 2 x 255mm wide with a single seal+cutting off

Weight: 49kg

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